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Selene Sport

Modello Selene Sport 2 pedali 2 posti - pedalata normale

General Details
  • drum brake on all four wheels

  • seat for two children in front with polyurethane cushions and marine wood support

  • front seat bar that can be opened

  • 4 double-reinforced with 5-spoke alloy wheels (color choice between gray and white)

  • PVC curtain that also covers the child seat

  • two led rear lights

  • two front led lights

  • a bell

  • safety belts for the child seat (two vertical and one horizontal)

  • canopy supports

  • bumpers, screws and bolts in stainless steel

  • polyurethane seats and backrests with marine wood support

  • steering box

  • two rear mudguards and two front mudguards

  • the main frame, the sides, the nose, the supports of the seats and backrests, the support of the child seat, the dashboard and the push rods are in steel. They have been worked in a specialized workshop through sandblasting, heat treatments, anti-rust treatments and subsequently powder coated

  • we have so many colors and combination of colors that you can choose




190 cm


116 cm


180 cm


106 kg
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